Julie Entwistle

Julie has an intense passion for helping people, and for her profession.  Determined to put Occupational Therapy on the map, Julie is an avid writer and blogger, speaker and lecturer about the many ways that Occupational Therapists can help persons with disabilities to live more functional, productive and fulfilled lives.  Julie continues to be involved with McMaster University in roles such as tutor, guest lecturer, and clinical preceptor for the occupational therapy program. While Julie’s main passion is in spinal cord injury and amputations, she also has significant experience in housing, brain injury, chronic pain, and helping people overcome psychological barriers to recovery.

While Julie always wanted to become a geriatric physician, she found occupational therapy on her path to medicine, and knew the profession was a perfect fit.  Obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree (Health Studies and Gerontology) from the University of Waterloo, then a degree in Health Science (Occupational Therapy) from McMaster University, and finally a Masters of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, Julie is a life-long learner and enjoys the intellectual challenge that comes from courses and continuing education.

As a business owner, Julie uses her years of clinical and business experience to find, recruit, train and mentor other therapists that share her passion for occupational therapy, and her vision to help people with disabilities to maximize their level of functional independence and improve overall quality of life.  With this in mind, Julie was able to build a successful occupational therapy business, hiring like-minded therapists, and quickly became a well-known and respected provider of quality, proactive, caring and efficient services.

Prior to working as an occupational therapist, Julie volunteered in senior day programs, for KW Hospice, with developmentally and learning delayed children, was an attendant care aide, and helped in modified water skiing and downhill skiing programs. Julie lives in the Hamilton area with her husband and four children, practices martial arts, and enjoys travelling, fitness, golf, and volleyball.