A "Splash" of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  In the past, this blog has profiled the stories of many people who have not let a disability stop them from living.  However, stories of survival, humanity and inspiration also exist in nature, as we witnessed in the incredible tale of Winter the Dolphin.

Winter was just a baby when she was found stranded on a beach in 2005, severely injured.  She had become lost from her pod and became entangled in a crab trap.  Winter was rescued, but the injuries she sustained to her tail became life threatening, leading to an amputation.  This was successful; however, overtime the way she adapted to swimming was injuring her spinal cord causing her further harm.

Marine doctors struggled with solutions to save her, but their quest eventually led to the successful creation of a prosthetic tail.  The tail helped Winter to swim properly again and today she is living and thriving at Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.

Winter has become an inspiration to many across the world and thousands of people with disabilities have gone to meet winter to gain inspiration and hope from her amazing journey.   You can view her live on webcam at   But Winter’s story is bigger than that.  In trying to create a prosthetic tale for a Dolphin, new products were created that have greatly improved prosthetic comfort and fit for humans.

The movie “Dolphin Tale,” based on her story, describes her journey and in doing so highlights how hope, creativity and persistence can help to overcome barriers.  Young or old, you need to watch this family friendly “tale” that warms the heart and will certainly leave you smiling.