The Next Chapter…

Julie Entwistle, C.Dir., MBA, BHSc (OT), BSc (Health / Gerontology)

Seven years ago, I realized that very few people were talking about occupational therapy online.  At the time, blogs were “the thing” and people found them both informative and helpful.  While this may be true today, the reality is that video, clips, and podcasts are now the preferred way for people to stay informed, connected, and to learn about interesting topics.  Evolving with the rapid pace of societal change is an important survival skill, and with that, I wanted to announce that this will be my last blog.

I have enjoyed writing about occupational therapy, and even about some personal stories (and rants) over the many years of having this platform.  I engaged with many who had questions or comments, or who found the information helpful.  I have endured the negativity that can come from having a public opinion that is not shared by all and have grown through those experiences.

From the information I have, this blog has reached over 250,000 people, included 315 pages of original content, and communicated 136,928 words.  Not bad as a side project to a full-time job providing rehabilitation services, my work on boards and committees, teaching, lecturing and training, coaching and volunteering, and while trying to stay active and manage my four girls, pets, family and household that fill my days with lots to do.

Writing and posting on this blog has reminded me of all the things that OT’s know, and the great work we do.  I believe the public is slowly catching up to this, and one day OT will be not only be known, but even requested, and recognized as a profession that helps others to live better.

I continue to have a passion for this profession that is unwavering.  So much so that I have decided to leave my industry to become a regulator, with the dream of having an impact at the highest level.  This decision was difficult as I leave behind a team of great people that inspire and teach me daily.   A team of people that I see making a huge difference in the lives of those that need them, with a ripple effect that extends so far it is immeasurable.  I am proud to have contributed to the growth of many wonderful therapists in this sector, and that perhaps my existence here has helped (directly and indirectly) thousands of clients, and hopefully bettered an industry that allows us to truly make a difference. 

As I sign off, I encourage our readers to continue to follow Solutions for Living and FunctionAbility online as they forge ahead and continue to be Ontario’s leader in private rehabilitation.