Occupational Therapy Services for Seniors

Occupational Therapists have significant training in assessing and treating the health-related functional consequences of advancing age.  With several therapists who have experience in geriatrics, Solutions for Living provides the following services:

  • Assessment of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral barriers to function in the home or institutional environment. In reviewing functional independence, we will use age-appropriate norms to highlight ones’ level of safety and ability to manage in their own home, or other living environment, with or without supports.
  • Based on assessment findings our treatment services include providing recommendations to families or individuals around home modifications that could be considered, devices that could be purchased, help that could be retained, or can provide counselling and support on alternative living options.
  • Case management services including helping the client or family to identify and access other supports and services in the community.
  • For institutions, we can consult on client’s with physical barriers to function and the need for specialized equipment, behavioral barriers and appropriate treatment and care approaches, cognitive barriers and ways to improve cognitive functioning and independence, and emotional obstacles to function and treatment approaches.