Occupational Therapy Services for Employers

An Occupational Therapist is the ideal professional to assess, treat, and consult on issues of current or future employee disability and to assist in the prevention of workplace problems. With work absenteeism rising as a result of an aging workforce, psychological disability, and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, we can help employers reduce the possibility of injury and get employees back to work faster.

How We Help Employers

We Define the Job – In Detail

We can clearly define the physical and cognitive demands of any position to create a report that can help with hiring and returning injured workers to their previous position.

These reports also serve as detailed job descriptions – ideal to keep as part of a Human Resources file to assist with hiring, training, and job/person matching.

We Help Employers to Find the Right People

Better identifying the physical and cognitive demands of any job allows employers to select more suitable candidates.

We can also help with pre-employment evaluations that test an individual’s capability to successfully perform the job – before they start.

We Help Keep Employees Healthy and Reduce Absenteeism

We help reduce absenteeism by making sure employees’ completion of the job is ergonomically and biomechanically safe.

Whether they are sitting at a desk, working on a line, or in the field, proper equipment and posturing is essential to promoting employee longevity in any position.

We Help Employees Return to Work

Our involvement can help any employee disabled by physical, cognitive, or emotional means, to return to their previous position, or to another opportunity more suited to their abilities.

We do this by assessing the individual and matching this with the cognitive, physical, behavioral, and psychological determinants of job performance to make solid and practical recommendations for a successful return to work.