Vocational and Scholastic Counselling

Occupational therapists are experts in the occupation of work.  But what if you are no longer suited to the job you are doing?  Are looking for a career change?  Or you are a student that would like support and guidance regarding your future vocational interests and opportunities?  We do that.

At Solutions for Living we utilize a variety of subjective and objective measures to understand your interests, aptitudes, values and abilities and match these to training, education and job options so that you can feel confident heading in a particular career direction.  Our assessments are functionally based and ensure that your values remain paramount such that the report and results you receive are actionable, practical and excite you in what your future could involve.  Depending on your situation, we can match our assessment results to available positions, work placement establishments, education and training programs, and for students, to post-secondary options.

If you need or want support after the assessment, who better than an Occupational Therapist to coach and guide you as you pursue your employment and scholastic “occupational” goals!  If you need a career or educational path we can help you find it, and can even become your guide as you manage the terrain.  Call us for a free consultation on our fees, scope and services for vocational and scholastic counselling.