Still Don’t Get OT? Try This:

My previous post outlined the value of OT and spoke about a recent article that highlighted how OT’s are underutilized, but provide great value in healthcare.  I could not agree more.  And I would hope that anyone that has encountered a good OT would also agree.  One of our biggest challenges as we try to become a “household name” is the fact that people still struggle to understand what we do, and how we do it.  With OT there is no magic formula so we can’t publish the recipe for our secret sauce.  Besides, we don’t see disability in a vacuum where a diagnosis determines the treatment.  Rather, we look at each disability in the context of that person, in that environment, and this makes it impossible to really give people the goods on how we help.  OT then is the definition of healthcare “customization”.  Perhaps you really need to experience an OT to understand and appreciate the scope of what we do.

However, I always love spreading creative and fun ways to explain our profession.  These two You Tube videos are well done, and explain OT in a way that you can’t put on paper.  Take a look, enjoy and hopefully you too will be saying to someone someday “maybe you need an OT”?