Howdy Partner!

I believe in all those wonderful phrases that encourage risk taking and that try to convince people that fear drives personal growth and development.  I took a major risk two years ago when I decided to return to school for my MBA.  Having little formal business training beyond an entrepreneurial father and my own school of hard knocks, and even less faith in my math abilities, I knew that this challenge would be the intellectual stimulation I needed to take my brain to the next level.  And it has – time and time again.  I now think differently and approach problems with more strategy and big picture thinking than ever before.  I can also calculate bond returns, but I will save that as a party trick.

Fast forward to last Friday, and I embarked on major risk # 2.  With my new-found business thinking, and general desire to do more with my business than my abilities as one person allows, I joined forces with a colleague to forge a new journey.  Exciting, fun, a bit scary, but a great decision.  Entwistle Power Occupational Therapy was born!

People are mammals.  We need each other.  It has been well studied that people with reduced social outlets, a lack of love, or even animals and babies not nurtured at birth, do not fare as well as mammals that receive love, socialization, and affection.  I believe that while studies highlight the challenges of business partnership, people need to treat this like a marriage.  It needs to be entered into with respect, trust, and an absolute faith in the skills of the other person.  There will be ups and downs, challenges and successes, but in the end, two will be better than one.  I believe this to be true in business also.

In the words of Garth Brooks: “don’t stand along the shorelines and say you’re satisfied.  Choose to chance the rapids, and dare to dance the tides”.   I agree Garth, I agree.