Funding Sources for Children Living With Disability

Raising children is an expensive feat. But raising children with special needs can be even more expensive, especially because of the increasing need for private therapies due to the long waitlists and scarce availability of government funded programs. So where can parents turn for financial support to help pay for costs related to therapy, assistive devices, and activities? The following is a list of private and public funding sources that are available for children with special needs living in Ontario:

Private Charities

Ability Gives
Contributes to life changing experiences in children with disabilities by helping their families obtain much-needed medical devices & mobility aids.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada
A national non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling a favourite wish for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

Kids Life Line
This service is offered through A Children’s Voice Foundation, and offers a one time fulfillment, of a necessary product or service that will enhance a child’s quality of life and is not otherwise provided by healthcare plans, levels of government or other organizations.

Deeds & Dreams
Deeds & Dreams is a charity where 90% of all funds go directly toward delivering a child’s special dream.

Give A Miracle A Chance (G.A.M.E)
This charity supports children living withCerebral Palsy. The charity supports children with independent therapies and treatments and provides life management counselling, therapy programs and other support services to enable children to become more independent in their lives and in the community.

The Easter Seal Society, Ontario
Easter Seals Ontario provides programs and services to children and youth with physical disabilities across Ontario to help them achieve greater independence, accessibility and integration

The Golden Griddle Children’s Charities
Grants wishes to children with disabilities and illnesses. The most popular wish that is granted is a trip to Florida.

Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation
Assists seriously ill children and their families with special treatment needs, medical expenses, and financial assistance in times of need.

Make A Wish Foundation of Canada
Along with the national office, seven independent regional chapters grant magical wishes to children in need from coast-to-coast.

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
Provides a wide range of services, resources and programs for individuals with CP and their families as well as professional organizations. These services can range from funding for equipment, education and recreation to housing and life planning.

Ontario March of Dimes Home and Vehicle Modification Program
Ontario March of Dimes’ Home & Vehicle Modification® Program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications. The program is intended to assist permanent Ontario residents with a substantial impairment expected to last one year or more

President’s Choice Children’s Charity
Supports children with disabilities by providing financial grants for essential specialized equipment and essential therapies.

Sunshine Dreams For Kids
The Sunshine Foundation is a charity that provides individual dreams to children with severe physical disabilities as well as life-threatening illnesses.

Government Services and Programs

Assistive Devices Program
Provides support and funding and access to personalized assistive devices to residents of Ontario.

Special Services at Home
The Special Services at Home program helps families who are caring for a child with a developmental or physical disability.

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
Helps parents with some of the extra costs of caring for a child who has a severe disability.

Disability Tax Credit
A non-refundable tax credit that a person with a disability can claim to reduce the amount of income tax he or she has to pay in a year. This amount includes a supplement for people less than 18 years of age at the end of the year.

Homeowner Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
This fund offers financial assistance to low-income homeowners for mandatory home repairs that will preserve the quality of affordable housing. The program helps people who live in substandard dwellings and cannot afford to pay for necessary repairs to their home.

Incontinence Supplies Grant
This program is for children and youth between the ages of 3 to 18 years with chronic disabilities that result in irreversible incontinence or retention problems lasting longer than six months and requiring the use of incontinence supplies. The grant is a contribution to the cost of supplies.


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