Food For Thought

This Nutrition Month we are providing you with ways to get the most out of the foods you eat.  Selecting the best foods is part of the process, however, knowing how to prepare them into easy and tasty meals is equally important.  We are happy to welcome a guest to the blog to discuss some valuable cooking tools that will simplify meal preparation and assist you in the creation of  healthy, delicious meals.   

Shannon Crocker, MSc RD, is a food and nutrition consultant, writer, media spokesperson and kitchen coach. A keen cook, she promotes real food for healthy living. Visit Shannon’s website at, follow her on Twitter @shancrockerRD and check out her video podcasts at

March is Nutrition Month! To help get Canadians cooking, Dietitians of Canada suggests six basic kitchen tools that will help you whip up a healthy meal quickly.

1.      Steamer basket: Why not skip the frying pan and forgo the oil? Steaming your veggies is a quick, easy, and healthy alternative to sautéing.

2.      Box grater: A ‘grate’ edition to your kitchen tool kit is a box grater! While we love using our grater for cheese, it can also be used for all kinds of vegetables.  Salads with grated zucchini, beets or carrots are a tasty side dish option.

3.      Immersion blender: An immersion blender will make preparing healthy soups an absolute whizz. Vegetable-based soups, such as carrot, tomato or sweet potato are a scrumptious way to enjoy more veggies.

4.      Lemon juicer: This dishwasher-friendly and ergonomic gizmo will allow you to season food with lemon or lime juice effortlessly. Adding a zip of lemon is a healthy and easy way to add tons of flavour to your food.

5.      Oil mister: Cut out excess fat from your diet by using an oil mister. Instead of drowning your cooking pan or salad in glugs of oil, the mister will simply coat in a fine spray, which is all you need!

6.      Sharp Knives: If you find that you are squishing tomatoes instead of slicing them, then your knife isn’t sharp enough. Having the right sharp knife for the job makes cooking a little easier – especially cooking veggies!

And if you’re looking for a little kitchen inspiration, visit to download Dietitians of Canada’s brand new FREE app – Cookspiration – that offers up meal ideas depending on your mood!