Celebrate Earth Day With These 10 Simple Ways To Go Green!

Today is Earth Day! A day to celebrate the planet that facilitates our survival. With continuing climate change, extreme weather events and heavy pollution, becoming environmentally conscientious has never been more important. Remember that even small changes to your lifestyle and habits can make a difference in protecting our precious planet.

1. Shop Smart:
· Buy only what you need
· Consume less
· Buy used and repurposed items when possible

· Always use reusable bags when you shop!


2. Save Energy At Home:
· Use LED or CFL light bulbs

· Weather strip windows and doors to reduce drafts


3. Getting Around:
· Take public transportation or carpool

· Walk or bike—you’ll reap the healthy benefits and the earth will thank you


4. Think About What you Eat:
· Try to eat foods that are in season
· Visit a local farm or farmer’s market to purchase foods

· Give “Meatless Monday’s” a try! Reducing meat consumption can be beneficial to the earth and to your health!


5. Wash Wisely:
· Make sure when you are doing your laundry you do a full load
· Wash in cold water

· Hang clothes to dry



Put on a Sweater:

· Adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees (higher in the summer and lower in the winter) to save energy


7. Green Grooming:
· Always shut off the water while brushing your teeth
· Take a shower instead of a bath

· Put on a timer while in the shower to keep them quick


8. Don’t Just Toss It:
· When getting rid of household items look to charities that will pick up from your door or drop off at a local collection center

· Have a yard sale or list items on sites like Kijiji or Freecycle—there’s always someone who will want or need your unwanted items


9. Keeping it Clean:
· Try using natural cleaners around the house which are widely available for purchase at any grocery or department store

· If natural cleaning products don’t fit the budget a simple mixture of vinegar and water will clean almost anything!


10. Water Less:
· Hot, dry summers can take a toll on lawns and outdoor plants… but instead of turning on the sprinkler try using a rain barrel for watering

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