The World’s Most Popular Sport: Can “Heading” Cause Brain Damage?

Once every four years millions of people across the globe engage in World Cup enthusiasm. While known as the most popular game for years on other continents, the popularity of soccer in North America has grown significantly over the past decade. Soccer is a fantastic sport that teaches coordination and team work, provides an excellent source of exercise, and is an affordable and fun activity for people of all ages and abilities.

Recently there has been a growing concern of the effects that “heading” the ball may have on the brain. Due to repeat “knocks” to the head, many are concerned that heading the ball may be too dangerous and some are calling for this aspect of the game to be removed from youth soccer. For the time being, “heading” remains a part of the game so it’s important to ensure that players are doing this properly and safely. Check out the following from CBC to see some great ways to ensure safety on the soccer field.

CBC:  Soccer head injuries may be underappreciated


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