Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Tomorrow, July 11th, is “cheer up the lonely day.” A day to contact those you’ve lost touch with, reach out to someone who is suffering, or give your time to help a complete stranger in need. Many seniors in the community, whether in their own homes or long-term care facilities, are often in need of company and companionship and many local programs help facilitate phone calls or visits for those in need. Big Brothers and Big Sisters associations help to pair disadvantaged children with a caring adult. It has long been known that volunteering is good for your mental health, but recent studies show that giving of yourself is actually beneficial to your physical health and could possibly add years to your life. Check out the following from CTV news and on this “cheer up the lonely day” think of volunteering, reaching out, or helping someone in need.

CTV News:  Volunteering Could Add Years To Your Life


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