Blind Golf: “You Don’t Have to See it to Tee it”

Golf can be a difficult game for anyone. Even pros like Tiger Woods struggle at times, but image the struggles if you are visually impaired! Blind golf has become a huge sport all across the world whereby golfers with a visual impairment play with the help of a sight coach to help them visualize the course and set up their shots. The following from the American Blind Golf Association gives a snapshot into what golfing without sight would be like. There are visually impaired golf associations across the world so if you or someone you know wants to hit the links despite a visual problem, check out the following:

Ontario Visually Impaired Golfers

Blind Golf Canada

International Blind Golf Association

And remember… “you don’t have to see it, to tee it…”

Katu Sports:  “Driving Blind:  You Don’t Have to See it to Tee It”


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