Back to…Fitness

The “lazy days” of summer are over, vacations are done, the kids are back to school, and it’s time to get back to routine. As a mom of four, believe me that I understand the stress of September and how parents can easily lose themselves with the focus on getting the kids back to a manageable routine. So, this September, we wanted to provide a series of ideas and strategies to make sure you are going “back to school” while also getting “back to you!”

In the second week of our series we are focusing on getting back to fitness! As keeping fit is a key way to maintain physical health, mood, improves sleep, increases energy – exercise really is the best medicine! However, it is also one thing that drops off the radar when parents are overwhelmed. Here are some great simple ways to sneak in exercise when you don’t have time to hit the gym.

1. Walk or ride your bike – if you’re going less than 1 km, try to walk or ride your bike. Take a walk at lunch to boost your energy for the afternoon.

2. Park far away—get in some extra steps by parking in the farthest spot from the entrance – those extra steps add up over time.

3. Take the stairs—take the stairs instead of the elevator or even escalator. This can get your heart pumping and help strengthen muscles at the same time.

4. Focus on posture – if you’re sitting at a desk all day long, ensure you remember your posture. Sitting up straight and tightening your stomach can help to strengthen your core.

5. Sneak it in—If you’re on the couch at night watching your favourite show use the commercial breaks as a quick 2 minute exercise drill. Do some squats, crunches or lunges until the show comes back on. Have a competition with your kids to see how many sit-ups or push-ups you can do in that 2 minute period!