Back to… You!

This September we ran a series all about getting “back to you.” By now, we’re well back into the school year and new routines and we want to ensure you are taking time in your newly established routine for you.

To recap our “Back to You” series we want to leave you with the top 5 tips to ensure you are working towards a healthier lifestyle by focussing on you:

1. Schedule time for yourself.  Taking some me time each and everyday will go a long way to reducing stress, increasing energy and productivity and strengthening your overall health. So ensure, every day, you schedule time for yourself. Read a book, join a class, connect with a friend, or practice mindfulness techniques like meditation or yoga.

2. Keep Fit.   Ensuring your body is healthy through fitness at every stage of your life will help to keep you healthy and live longer. Try to schedule in some daily activities to promote fitness, but if you don’t have time for the gym or sports, ensure you sneak it in.

3. Eat Well.  You are what you eat! Food is the essential fuel for your body and mind, and without a balanced, healthy diet it’s impossible to function to your fullest potential. Take time to plan and prepare meals in advance so you ensure you are including the necessary nutrients on a daily basis and not needing to hit the drive-thru on your way home from work.

4. Keep Your Budget In Line.   Financial troubles or concerns can be a huge cause of stress in your life which can negatively affect both your physical and mental health. By taking time to plan, assess and modify your finances and spending habits you can alleviate stress, improve relationships and concentrate on you!

5. Keep Tabs on Yourself.  We’ve provided you with great ways to focus on you and your health, but with a busy lifestyle it can be hard to stick to your plans. If you notice yourself deviating from any of the plans you’re following to improve your mental, physical, and financial health, take a step back, reassess and devise a new plan that puts the focus back on you!