How To Plan For the Retirement You Want? Concentrate on Your Health

What’s the top reason many Canadians are retiring earlier than planned? Unfortunately it’s not because of superior wealth planning, or unexpected windfall through the lotto – it’s because of poor health. A recent survey from Sun Life Financial shows that of the 69 percent of Canadians who retired earlier than planned, 29 percent were forced to retire due to their health. Understandably, this has caused major financial hardship for many.

There has been ample discussion recently relating the way we work to the many health problems we face. From mental health issues to sitting disease, the stressful yet sedentary working lifestyle is definitely taking a toll on the health of the Canadian workforce.

So the question is: how can employers help prevent this?

1. Offer a corporate Wellness Program with incentives for positive healthy behaviours
2. Ensure the benefits you offer employees include comprehensive health benefits
3. Have a workplace assessment conducted to ensure you are creating the healthiest environment for workers
4. Model healthy behaviour and habits from the top down
5. Offer financial planning and retirement planning programs to help employees plan for retirement in addition to the costs unforeseen illness

The Globe and Mail:  Health issues force many into early retirement, new study finds  

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