Raise a Reader

Today in Canada it is Family Literacy Day.  This day is celebrated across the nation in schools, daycares and youth organizations as a day to empower kids to read.  Reading is an important activity at any age as it stimulates our brains and leads to lifelong learning.  Here are some suggestions on now to instill the love for reading in your kids:

1.       Start early:  The earlier the better!  Reading aloud to young children, sharing board books and conversations with your child will help to develop their speech and language skills.

2.       Start a “Reading Routine:”  creating a routine of reading books together before bedtime is a great way to ensure daily reading and will help ease bedtime struggles.

3.       Variety is key:  it’s important to provide a variety of reading resources for children.  But books can be expensive!  Take part in book swaps, visit used book sales and of course your local library and allow your kids to choose books that interest them.

4.       Create a Special Space:  once old enough to read on their own, reading provides a great way to allow children to function independently and have time to themselves.  Help your child find or create a space that is their special go-to reading area.  Ensure they have comfortable seating and proper lighting for the best reading experience.

5.       Be A Reading Role Model:  kids learn from others, especially their parents.  When your children see you reading, they will be more inclined to want to read themselves.

6.       Power Down:  in this digital age it is important to set limits on how much tech time kids are allowed.  By powering down video games, tablets, tvs and iphones kids will have more time to curl up with a good book!

The following infographic from Scholastic’s 5th Annual Reading Report shows the some of the factors that lead to regular reading in kids.  Check it out and raise a reader today!