What Is OT?

A common question I am asked is “what is occupational therapy?”

Most people think occupational therapy is about getting people back to work following an injury, or designing functional work spaces and workstations because of the word “occupation” in the term.  While this is an important part of what occupational therapists do, their scope is actually much broader.

Here are some other examples of areas where an occupational therapist can help:

– Dressing and grooming

– Bathing and showering

– Making and eating meals

– Being social

– Returning to work, school, or volunteering activities

– Engaging in leisure activities

The following video from our OT-V series provides an indepth look at what occupational therapy is and how occupational therapists can help people with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities.

We hope our video provides you with a great explanation and answers the frequently asked question:  “What IS OT?”