Top Activities For Family Day

Monday is Family Day in many provinces across Canada.  Family Day is a great reminder to take time to spend quality moments with those who matter most.

Take a look at our Top 10 Suggestions For Fun Family Day Activities:

1.       Take It Outside:  Though the weather outside is frightful… bundle up and enjoy some outdoor time together.  Take a walk, go snowshoeing, hit an outdoor rink or build a snowman.  Take time with your kids to connect with nature.

2.       Get Competitive:  Playing games is always a great way to spend quality family time together.

3.       Bake Something:  Kids love creating a yummy treat they’ve made themselves and can enjoy.  Check out some recipes from our Food For Thought page or take out a favourite family recipe book.

4.       Re-connect with Relatives:  Sit down together and write a letter, an email or skype with family or friends you haven’t seen in a while.

5.       Get Creative:  Get out your crafts and art supplies and get in touch with your creative side!

6.       Put on a Play:  Dramatic play is great for kids and can be fun for parents too!  Together write a script, put on some dress-up clothes and be dramatic!  You could even video yourselves and share with others.

7.       Dance Dance Dance!:  What kid doesn’t love a good dance party.  Turn up the music and get moving!  Dancing provides great cardio exercise and is fun for the whole family.

8.       Get Cultural:  Many museums and art galleries are open and hosting special events for families on Family Day.  Check with your local museum for special hours and events and enjoy some time as a family learning about something new.

9.       Cuddle Up:  After spending some time outside or being active, curl up with a snack, warm drink and a nice family flick!

10.   Talk to Each Other:  Family day is a great day for conversation around the dinner table.  Most days schedules can be too hectic to actually enjoy time for catching up on each other’s lives.  Make sure to make time to reconnect!

However you decide to spend your Family day, enjoy!