Too Much Screen Time? We’ve Got Solutions!

Child psychologists and occupational therapists are finding that screen time is stunting the emotional development of children. Children are not learning strategies to self-regulate behavior since they are constantly masking their emotional problems with distracting games.  Along with this expensive self-regulating strategy comes delayed development in language and social skills, poor sleep patterns, and poorer performance in school. And, what about the temper tantrum that erupts when the tablet battery dies halfway to Grandma’s?

The Canadian Paediatric Association recommends no more than 2 hours of screen time for children a day.  A recent survey showed that children in grade 6-12 spend on average 8 hours a day in front of a screen. Another study showed that one in three children are using tablets before they can even talk. Screen time is becoming a serious addiction for our children’s generation and is associated with poor health related outcomes.

We encourage you to use our FREE TECHNOLOGY PASS  printable to help get a handle on too much tech time in your home.  Simply print, laminate and use each time your child is asking for screen or tech time.  Have a conversation with your child about why you are using this tool, discuss a fair limit and get a commitment from your child.










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