Patience, not Pressure Help A Picky Eater

Occupational therapists often help to address the common issue of picky eating.  An important strategy used to help expand a child’s food repertoire and make mealtime more enjoyable is to remove the pressure!   All meal time experiences should be kept positive to allow for the development of a positive association with food. Keep meal time playful and fun with no coercion or pressure to consume anything and this positive meal time environment will create the necessary foundation for food exploration.

The following article written by Casey Seidenberg, a Mother and Nutrition Counsellor, discusses how lifting the pressure worked for her family.  Check it out here and learn more of her secrets to success!

Independent:  Why you shouldn’t lecture your children about healthy eating

Learn more about resolving the picky eating problem in our informative OT-V Video:  Solutions For Picky Eaters.