30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge: Day 30

Practice Pedestrian Safety

In cities across Ontario pedestrian deaths and injuries are on the rise.  Many blame distracted drivers, but distracted pedestrians are also a problem.  Distractions from mobile devices including texting, emailing and music are often to blame.   It is up to both drivers and pedestrians to keep people safe.  Be a safe pedestrian and put down your phone when walking.  Pay attention to the traffic around you and only cross at lights and crosswalks when it is safe to do so.  Learn more about pedestrian safety tips in the following from the Ontario Medical Association.

Ontario Medical Association:  Pedestrian Safety

This is the final day of the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge.  How did you do?

We hope you enjoyed the activities and encourage you to do them on a regular basis to help create a healthier brain over time.  If you missed the challenge, start today!  Visit the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge page on our blog to learn more.