30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge: Day 5

Have Oatmeal and Berries for Breakfast  

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast choice that is high in fiber, protein, antioxidants and helpful vitamins and minerals which benefit brain.  Learn more about why oatmeal is a brain boosting food in the following from Fit Brains.

Fit Brains:  Oatmeal: Brain Health Benefits & Easy Recipe!

Learn some new and delicious ways to enjoy oatmeal with the following recipes care of The Food Network.

The Food Network:  30 Oatmeal Recipes Worth Waking Up For

Be sure to join the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge, complete each day’s activity and let us know your progress!



























June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and in recognition Solutions for Living is introducing the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge.  We challenge you to complete these 30 simple activities and tips which when incorporated into your lifestyle can help improve memory, boost mental health, prevent brain injury and reduce cognitive decline.