O-Tip of the Week: Shed Some Light on Fall Prevention

Our O-Tip of the week series we will be providing valuable “OT-Approved Life Hacks” to provide you with simple and helpful solutions for living. 

For the month of November, Fall Prevention Month, our O-Tip series will concentrate on preventing falls at home and in the community.

This week’s O-Tip of the Week focuses on a simple, yet often forgotten aspect of the home that can prevent falls:  proper lighting. 

Seniors need to be attuned to the physical, balance and vision changes they are experiencing as they age, and need to consider the importance of proper lighting to help them navigate and reduce the risk of falls in their living spaces.  Helpful and simple lighting suggestions may include:

–        Night lights around the home

–        A bed side lamp

–        Illuminated light switches

–        Storage of flashlights in the bedrooms, the kitchen and bathrooms

–        Change of light fixtures to provide both ambient and task lighting based on needs

An Occupational Therapist can assist in assessing the living space to suggest lighting modifications and more.  Learn more about how OT’s assist in fall reduction in our OT-V Episode, Fall Prevention.