O-Tip of the Week: Stay Organized with a ‘Command Center’

Our O-Tip of the week series we will be providing valuable “OT-Approved Life Hacks” to provide you with simple and helpful solutions for living. 

Often the focus of occupational therapy becomes helping people to organize their activities, their stuff or their time.  So, for the month of April our series will be all about organization.

To get your family working together like a well-oiled machine create a “command center.”  Family command center must haves include:

–        A calendar (be sure to write each member’s items in a different colour)

–        Storage for each member’s paperwork / important items

–        A dry erase or chalkboard for leaving messages and reminders for each other

For more ideas on what to include in your command center, and design inspiration check out Good Housekeeping:  Command Center Ideas.