Rowan’s Law: New Legislation to Help Protect Young Athletes

Rowan Stringer was an avid rugby player who died in 2013 at the young age of 17.  Rowan’s death maybe have been prevented had undiagnosed concussions been recognized and strict policies been followed, however, at that time none were in place.  Since Rowan’s death, her parents have worked tirelessly to create change that can save the lives of others.  Rowan’s Law, a new legislation that will provide education to athletes, parents and coaches, requires the removal of an athlete from a game if a concussion is suspected, and ensures no athlete can return to the sport until medically cleared to do so. 

Learn more about the new law, Rowan, and her family’s dedication to seeing this new legislation get passed in the following from the Globe and Mail. 

The Globe and Mail:  Rowan’s law: How a teenager’s concussion-related death will help save lives


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