The A to Z of OT: A is For… Aging in Place

Occupational therapists are trained to assess the person, their environment and the tasks they need to complete in the places they live and work.  Therefore, when it comes to helping older adults make the decision to age in place or move, Occupational Therapists are the experts. 

Learn some of the ways occupational therapy can be involved in the aging well and aging in place process in our post, Occupational Therapy and Aging in Place.


October is Occupational Therapy Month and to celebrate we will be sharing a new series called the A to Z of OT.  In our attempts to further educate the public about what Occupational Therapists do we will be highlighting twenty-six of the awesome ways OTs provide Solutions for Living.  

We encourage you to follow along with The A to Z of OT and to add to the discussion by highlighting other awesome things OTs help with for each corresponding letter!