The A to Z of OT: C is For… Caregiver Support

Caregivers do not really “elect” the role. Most are not trained to be a caregiver, and really just try to do their best with the skills and resources they possess. However, where many fall short is maintaining their own health and well-being while dedicating their physical and emotional time to another person.  Occupational Therapists recognize the risk of caregiver burnout and work to encourage caregivers to take time to care for themselves.  Learn more about some of the strategies Occupational Therapists use to help care for the caregiver in our post, An OT Knows How to Care for the Caregiver.


October is Occupational Therapy Month and to celebrate we will be sharing a new series called the A to Z of OT.  In our attempts to further educate the public about what Occupational Therapists do we will be highlighting twenty-six of the awesome ways OTs provide Solutions for Living.  

We encourage you to follow along with The A to Z of OT and to add to the discussion by highlighting other awesome things OTs help with for each corresponding letter!