The A to Z of OT: S is For… Stress Management

In 2013, Statistics Canada reported that 6.6 million Canadians (ages 15 and older) reported that most days were ‘quite a bit’ or ‘extremely stressful’.  Stress can negatively affect many aspects of your physical and emotional health and can have long-term repercussions.  Occupational Therapists can help people manage their stress with a variety of strategies.  Learn more about Occupational Therapy and stress reduction in our post, How Stress is Affecting Your Health.


October is Occupational Therapy Month and to celebrate we will be sharing a new series called the A to Z of OT.  In our attempts to further educate the public about what Occupational Therapists do we will be highlighting twenty-six of the awesome ways OTs provide Solutions for Living.  

We encourage you to follow along and to add to the discussion by highlighting other awesome things OTs help with for each corresponding letter!