Holiday Survival O-Tip of the Week: Not Everyone Enjoys the Holiday’s – And That’s Okay

Our O-Tip of the week series delivers valuable “OT-Approved Life Hacks” to provide you with simple and helpful solutions for living. 

For the month of December, one of the busiest months of the year, our O-Tip series will provide you with OT-approved ways to not just “survive the holidays,” but actually enjoy them!  This week our O-Tip reminds you that we need to realize not everyone enjoys this time of year — and that’s okay.

For some, the Holiday’s will bring terrible or sad memories, guilt, pressure, stress, financial hardship, anxiety, and loneliness. Respect that not everyone can manage this season as they would like, and if that means you are missing a card, an email, present or phone call from someone you expected to hear from, let it go. We all have different capacities to manage stress and our emotions, and the holiday season is no exception.


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