Environmental Assessment and Accessibility Consultation

What Is It?

Significant pieces of legislation exist around accessibility in the workplace. From accessible buildings and bathrooms, to the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service (AODA), employers need to comply. 

Occupational therapists are the professional to ask when it comes to accessibility compliance, including strategies and recommendations to make your workplace suitable for all.

Who Needs It?

Every business in Ontario is required to be compliant. Are you?

If you are not sure, or know you are not, consider a consultation to get your establishment in order before an issue arises.


It is never good practice to reactively change your building, standards, or practices because of a complaint, or only when you need to accommodate a disabled employee.

Being proactive shows the public, your people, and your customers that you are an organization prepared to meet the needs of all.

How Does It Help?

Having an accessible facility, or staff trained to manage disabled patrons:

  • Helps your business reputation
  • Allows you to more easily accommodate or hire a disabled worker
  • Reduces your exposure to complaint or lawsuit

Start today. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.