Executive Coaching on Balancing Work Demands, Productivity, and Health

What Is It?

It is not only assembly workers and front line staff that need support to work productively and safely. Even executives, directors, managers, and company leaders need coaching, guidance, reminders, and support to function optimally.

As the demands of higher level positions rise, so does stress and anxiety. This can result in work absences, health consequences, and a poor balance of work and home that ultimately leads to unhappiness, frustration, and depression.

These outcomes can be prevented with a proactive coaching approach to working, living, and achieving a happy balance between the two.

Who Needs It?

If you are a company leader or know of a company leader that is stressed, overworked, unhappy, and on the brink of burnout, consider hiring an occupational therapist to help rebalance priorities, reduce stress, and reshuffle time so it is spent on the three main pillars of physical, cognitive, and emotional health – productivity, self-care, and leisure.


Executives and directors are the brains behind the operation. Without them, company success suffers and this impacts everyone.

Proactively managing the health of the people in charge will serve to reduce the problems that arise from a loss of leadership or the sudden illness of a pillar to the company’s future.

How Does It Help?

Happy, healthy, and properly balanced executives are more productive and more likely to be successful in their position for the foreseeable future.  Making sure they are properly balancing their life roles proactively reduces the likelihood of absenteeism, and prevents the company suffering negative consequences as a result of their absence.

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