Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

What Is It?

When an employee is off work due to injury or illness and there is uncertainty about whether or not they can complete the essential demands of their previous job, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) tests to look at the employee and the job fit.

Who Needs It?

If an employer has an employee who is off for injury or illness, and they are unsure about the employee’s abilities post-incident, this evaluation and report will help to outline their skills to return and any modifications required. 

These are essential before putting the employee back into their role, and will help reduce re-injury or setbacks.


It is difficult to know exactly how a previously injured or ill employee will perform without testing them in a way that mimics the demands of the job.

Putting them back to work without asking the question of “what can and can’t they do” exposes the employer and health professionals to liability, should the employee return and complete tasks that are contraindicated or outside their physical, cognitive, or emotional abilities.

How Does It Help?

Having an FCE completed prior to returning an injured worker to their job will:

  • Help the employee to return sooner
  • Aid them in safe completion of job duties within their abilities
  • Reduce employer and health professional liability in suggesting return options
  • Work to reduce future WSIB involvement

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