Injury Prevention Education

For many employees, productivity is the focus of their work time; however, the focus needs to be productivity in combination with safe completion of work tasks. 

Unfortunately, employees are not always trained to think that way. This is especially true in environments where people are incentivized based on volume of work, not necessarily hours.

Employees need to understand the importance of safety, as many take the “it won’t happen to me” attitude. If an employee fails to understand the importance of injury prevention, and is not safely completing work tasks, the employer is exposed to the possibility of employee injury (and all the negative consequences).

Who Needs It?

Really, any environment where employees are at risk of injury needs injury prevention education. This is not only in the physical jobs requiring heavy labor, but also in office jobs where repetitive strain is common.


If an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure, taking a proactive approach to employee health through practical and job-relevant education and training will save the employer in the long run.

How Does It Help?

Often employees may be shown proper lifting techniques during basic job training or even have a sheet from the Internet about ergonomics when sitting at a computer, but without regular reminders and a more real and practical approach, these strategies fall by the wayside.

It is also true that showing someone how to lift and bend in a training room, and not while completing their actual job, is not going to result in any long term retention or implementation of those skills.

When the pressures of work take over, preventative strategies can be forgotten. Therefore, proactively and regularly providing education and re-education on safety considerations will reduce the risk of injury and thus absenteeism.

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