Pre-employment Testing

What Is It?

With physically demanding jobs or jobs that require high levels of repetition, it is important to screen potential hires to ensure they can manage the role safely.

Pre-employment testing involves just that – matching the demands of the position to the physical and/or cognitive skills of the people being considered. 

Who Needs It?                  

These screening processes are particularly helpful for companies that are hiring for very physical positions, where maintaining employees is difficult due to the physically demanding nature of the job, or where injury and absenteeism are a concern.


Knowing someone’s physical or cognitive capabilities before they are hired will help in employment placement. Knowing people can handle the job before they start will reduce the risk of injury in the early days and weeks, and will ensure they are matched to the best possible position for their future success.

Employees are an investment, and it is important to keep them working in areas where they are suitable. Screening helps to determine this.

How Does It Help?

Successful hiring is essential in preventing workplace injury and promoting optimal productivity.

With suitable testing, you as the employer can ensure hires will meet the demands of the job they are to perform – over the day, coming weeks, and into the future.

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