Return to Work Planning, Case Coordination, and Implementation

What Is It?

The process of returning an injured worker to their previous job or a modified position needs to be handled properly to reduce re-absenteeism and employer risk.

Return to work planning, coordination, and implementation involves:

  • Meeting with the employer and worker
  • Assessing both the job and return to work options
  • Assessing the employer’s skills to return
  • Discussing timelines, new duties, and roles
  • Getting physician clearance for a return to work program

Once the program has started, the process includes overseeing progress to increase work hours and duties as appropriate.

Getting the employee back to their previous job duties and regular hours is the goal, which is tackled carefully to reduce re-injury. Much like getting an injured athlete back in the game, return to work coordination involves an individual approach and is a thorough process to ensure the future success of the employee and company.

Who Needs It?

Any employer who has an employee interested and able to return to work in some capacity post-injury or illness would benefit from getting assistance to manage that process safely and to ensure the return happens in a timely but controlled manner.


While it is true that the employer cannot fully understand the nature of an injured worker’s abilities post-injury or illness, the same is often true of the injured worker.

Prolonged absences from work create deconditioning and this makes employees often unable to just “jump back in” when their doctor provides them with clearance. And often, medical clearance is provided without the physician fully understanding the demands of the job and the return to work options available.

If an employer wants a return to work program to go safely and smoothly, coordination and management of the process by a trained professional is recommended.

How Does It Help?

Injured, previously ill, or recovering employees are more likely to be successful in their return to work if they are supported and able to approach working in a gradual and safe manner.

Individual support and coaching for this provides the worker with the counselling, guidance, and problem solving support they need to ensure their return to work goes smoothly and that their hours and duties increase appropriately.

Returning to work post-injury or illness without a gradual and supervised return can lead to re-injury and increased problems for both the employer and organization.

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