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Beat Bullying with a Little Help From OT

Despite a huge focus on kindness, acceptance, and belonging, bullying still exists.  Young children, adolescents and even adults who find themselves being bullied by their peers often struggle through these traumatic experiences.  When it comes to “beating bullying” OT can help!  Occupational Therapists in South Africa who founded BullyBusters recently presented their helpful methods at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists conference in Cape Town.  Learn more about BullyBusters and their top tips to both bully-proof yourself and to overcome bullying if you’re already a victim in the following article.

Parent 24:  Practical tips on how to deal with bullying, the OT way


Pink It Forward

Today, February 24th, is Pink Shirt Day in Canada.  A day that started as a way to take a stand against the bullying of a Grade 9 student who wore a pink shirt has now spread across Canada and is prominent in schools on this day each year.  Today Canadians are encouraged to don their best pink clothing and show support by “pinking it forward” on social media.  Please visit and share your support using the hashtag #PinkItForward on your social networks to raise awareness and funds to help put an end to bullying.