Pump It Up For Optimal Performance!

It is well known that there are both physical and mental health benefits to regular fitness and exercise. But is your employer recognizing this as a way to improve on-the-job performance? Studies show that regular exercise can boost brain power and make you more productive. There are easy ways to integrate this into a regular day without the need for an onsite gym or class, including:

  • Walking meetings
  • Encourage movement in the office throughout the day
  • Assessing workstations to ensure employees who must sit throughout the day are doing so properly, and have sit / stand options.
  • Encourage exercise with the use of wearable devices that monitor activity
  • Provide incentives for employees to get fit
  • Make sure those in leadership positons model healthy behaviours

While many workplaces have integrated wellness and fitness programs into their workplace culture, there is always room to improve. Check out the following article from the Harvard Business Review on how exercise should be a regular part of every job!

The Harvard Business Review:  Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job


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