Test The Psychological Health of Your Company

It’s Healthy Workplace Month in Canada and our focus this month is on improving health and wellness in the workplace. The following article from Psychology Today discusses the top questions to ask when assessing the psychological health of your workplace. However, in addition to these, we feel a few others are also pertinent:

1. Does my workplace offer programs or benefits that show me that they value my physical and mental health?

2. Do I have opportunities to move around during the day, to be active, or to modify my workstation to allow me to be physically healthy at work?

3. Do my supervisors model a healthy lifestyle and healthy work behaviors?

4. Do I have people at my work I can go to who will listen to my physical or emotional concerns and who will help me to get the help I need?

What would you add to this list of questions to test the psychological wellness of your place of work?

Psychology Today:  How Psychologically Healthy Is Your Workplace?


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