Mental Health at Work: How to Seek Help

While minor accidents are common in the workplace and quickly addressed, higher instances of stress, mental illness, and workplace bullying are being seen across all industries.  If you are suffering where do you go to get help?  If you see signs of mental distress in a fellow employee, how can you help?  The following from The Globe and Mail discusses how and where to seek help if you are concerned.

The Globe and Mail:  Where to get help when you’re concerned with your mental health

Learn more about strategies to improve mental health in the workplace in the following episode from our OT-V series:


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  1. The mental health at work is very important. It is a very common problem and it is good that your organisation helps people to deal with that. Workplaces should promote a positive culture and friendly environment for all employees regardless of their personalities (extroverts and introverts).

    1. Erin Ridpath says:

      Thank you for your comments. I agree that a positive and open culture is very important.